What I used to do...

I used to specialise in logo design, branding and corporate identity design. I don't anymore...

The former contents of this website have either been re-written or discarded. The reasons for this will become clearer as you read on.

Dementia Day Clock for Digital Photo Frames

Dementia Day Clock

If you have arrived here because you are interested in creating a Dementia Day Clock using a Digital Photo Frame (roll over the ZK button above to see more), click here to visit my blog for instructions and free download.


I was a South Coast freelance design consultant with over 30 years experience. I used to be involved in the design of logos, branding, and corporate identity - alongside B2B publications such as corporate brochures and annual reports and accounts.

I used to provide related creative services - from design for print, to photography, website design, exhibition and display graphics, and copy writing.


My circumstances have changed.

I am now a full-time carer for my 86 year old Mother, who suffers from vascular dementia (mid-stage).

My mission in life has changed.

I now research and provide advice regarding Design for Dementia.

Dementia is an evil disease. In fact, it hasn't even the decency to be a disease in its own right, it is but a compendium of other medical problems that collectively cause a permanent degeneration of certain parts of the brain.

I used to say - my aim is to be affordable...

Through my experience, as a designer and now full-time carer, I no longer offer unique “affordable” packages to small and medium sized businesses. Instead, I look at ways of helping others, in similar situations, through design and my own experience as a carer.

I used to offer a price guarantee!

There is no price! Life is too precious, and time too short. My aim is to provide, wherever I can, help and advice, for both carers of loved ones with dementia, and those with dementia.

I even offered a free consultation...

Much of what I offer here will be free. If you feel that you would like to make a donation, then please do. It is not necessary, nor is it expected. In fact, a testimonial would be worth more than anything else in the world.

This website and its associated blog, will now be dedicated to Design for Dementia.

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